Disney Cruise: Best Souvenirs- Disney Characters Autographed Pillowcase & Photo Mat


When I travel, I’m pretty good at controlling my wallet as things are way too overpriced at the airport and tourist attractions. For example, princess dresses are selling for $45 at regular Disney store vs. $65 at Disney Cruise and Disney World.

Also, I try avoiding shopping at gift shops. I want Valerie to enjoy the moment– the memories of fun and enjoyable time with mommy and daddy; not have her mind focused on an item that she couldn’t buy (Ruth at Living Well Spending Less had a good sharing on this). Luckily, Valerie doesn’t like shopping at all as we rarely take her to malls, but I still need to be conscious about not getting shopping into her habits.

Anyway, my no-shopping policy didn’t stop us from having awesome souvenirs from our Disney Cruise trip. Each Disney Cruise stateroom is allowed to have two items signed by the Disney Characters. All you need to do is to bring two items of your choice and pens of your choice to the Guest Service Desk at Deck 3 on Day 1, fill out a simple form with your stateroom number, provide any special instructions and specific characters request such as Disney Friends vs. Princesses or both, etc. The service is “free” (I hate to use the word free, because I did pay for everything!).

I prepared a photo mat (Marshalls find), a personalized pillowcase (from Etsy countrycustoms store) and brought a bunch of colorful Sharpies.


On the last night of the cruise, the autographed items will be magically sitting on your bed and your kids will be very pleasantly surprised!



Pain-free and stress-free = a happy child

Valerie absolutely loves her personalized pillowcase ♥ On my instructions, I specifically requested the Disney characters to autograph on the side with her name 🙂




Are you planning a Disney Cruise trip? More information about our Disney Dream Cruise trip can be found here ♥ Happy planning!

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